5 reasons you should switch to boxed wine this Christmas

Lose the bottle this Christmas and give the gift of alt format wine. Don’t let distant memories of cheap, tart boxed wine give you reasons not to give it a try, rather let us give you 5 reasons why you should.

  • More bang for your buck
  • At first, cost might take you aback a little as it definitely seems strikingly more expensive than your usual bottle of wine, and you’re right, it is. However, that’s because a box of wine actually holds 2.25L of wine, the equivalent of 3 bottles. So, 3 bottles of excellent wine for under 30 pounds seems like a no brainer, especially when entertaining. 

  • Eco friendly
  • Not only is buying boxed wine savvy, but it also helps you to do your bit for the environment. Much like the bottle our packaging is almost 100% recyclable (unfortunately at the moment our wine tap isn’t recyclable, although we’re striving towards 100%). However, boxes come out on top as they use 10x less carbon emissions to produce than your average wine bottle. Oh, and we transport all of our product from Italy to the UK via train to further cut back on emissions.

  • It lasts longer
  • There’ll be no worry about whether to open a bottle of white or red, crack open both with no worry about waste. Once opened, a box of our wine can last up to six weeks thanks to the air tight bag and tap keeping the wine safe from oxidation. Oxidation meaning the air getting into the wine and spoiling it’s taste. And we know, it’s crazy, but some people don’t want to drink a whole bottle of wine in one sitting. So a box is the perfect option for drinking in moderation with no pressure to see the whole thing off. 

  • Convenience
  • In the case that we may actually be able to visit family and friends this Christmas, there’ll be no lugging heavy bottles around, just pick up a box and you’re ready to go with enough for all six of you. Plus, we’ve designed our boxes to fit perfectly in your fridge door, so you’ll be left with plenty of space for the Christmas food shop.

  • Quality
  • All of our wine is produced and packaged by only the best, hand-picked independent producers from across Italy. Blow your guests away this festive season with fantastic handcrafted wine, or why not send it as a gift? 

    Plus, avoid judgement from the neighbours on bin day as there’ll be no clinking bottle filled bin bags in sight.

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