Canned wine is here to stay!

Canned wine is becoming ever increasingly popular in the UK, with over half of all 18 to 44 year olds saying they either drink canned wine or plan to do so in the next 12 months. Whilst canned wine is still in its infancy, we think this trend is set to continue as more producers adopt alt format and a wider range of price points are available to cater for any occasion. But for those still on the side lines here’s three reasons why we think you should definitely give canned wine a try.

1) Better for the environment

Canned wine generally emits around four times less CO2 than the same wine packaged in a single use glass bottles. This is because aluminium is lighter than glass and has a much lower melting point, so requires less energy to recycle and is the most widely recycled beverage package in the world. Box wine, emitting ten times less CO2 than single use glass bottles, is still a greener choice, but our smaller cans at a lower price are a great introduction to wine in alt format packaging.

2) Better for the wine 

Just like box wine, cans are vacuum sealed which maintains the wine's quality and freshness for months after filling. Plus with cans there are no issues such as corking or light damage that can occur with bottles. And last but not least, we fill our cans with the exact same high-quality Italian craft wine that you've come to know and love from our box wine. 

3) Better for you 

Light and compact, canned wine is super practical for picnics, day trips and parties. It's also a great way to try a high-quality wine at a more accessible price point than our box wine - if you like it, why not upgrade to a box next time! Cans are also tiny treats containing one large or two small glasses of wine, which is a very sensible amount to drink with your lunch or dinner.  

You can try our new range of canned wines here

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