Phillip Schofield's Rosato Launch

We’re proud to announce our latest release with well-known wine aficionado, Phillip Schofield. After the successful launch of our award winning Falanghina and Nero Di Troia, we’re back with the latest addition to our craft bag-in-box wine range, our new Rosato Verona.

Phillip joined us in our fight to reduce carbon emissions by teaming up with us to develop a beautiful range of great value wines, in eco-friendly packaging, that have been a great hit with both consumers and critics.Following the release of our red and white, we decided to turn our attentions to the perfect Rosato, proving that Italy can give the South of France a run for its money, with a delicately dry, pale Rosato (that’s Italian for Rose). To complete the trio, Phillip hand selected a Rosato produced by wine cooperative Vitticultori d’Italia, centred in the winemaking town of Soave, in Veneto.

An excellent pick, Italy makes far less Rosato wine than it’s cousins in Spain and France and Veneto is the only region to produce this beautifully pale hue. It’s delicate in colour, packed with crunchy red fruit and notes of white flowers on the nose, followed by redcurrant and raspberries on the palate. The finish is long and dry, with hints of alpine strawberries and a dusting of white pepper. Light and easy to drink, this is the perfect addition to any wine list.  

Our CEO and Co-founder, Rob, said of our newest arrival “We are very excited to be bringing Italian Rosato to the forefront and enjoyed working with Phillip to choose this very special wine.”

He adds, “Having someone like Phillip on board supporting the box wine category, demonstrates the size of the opportunity we have in the market to educate consumers that there is another way to enjoy high quality wine that doesn’t have to be bought in a bottle.”

Of the new wine, Phillip says, “When I agreed to this partnership, I had certain conditions; I wanted to be part of the tasting team, I wanted figures on how eco-friendly box wine was and I wanted it to be good value. The result is something I felt I could really invest in.

“I loved personally selecting the Rosato. I had been asked time and time again when we were

launching one but we weren’t prepared to do it until we found the perfect balance of dryness and delicacy in colour, and I’m delighted with the final choice .”

Get your hands on our newest addition to our Silver Fox in a box range here

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