Grillo DOC Sicilia 2.25L
Grillo DOC Sicilia 2.25L
Grillo DOC Sicilia 2.25L
When in Rome Wine

Grillo DOC Sicilia 2.25L

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  • Packed with sun-ripened peaches and delicate white flowers beautifully complemented by masses of rich and silky citrus fruits in the mouth.
  • Lovingly produced by Antica Hirpinia just outside of Taurasi.
  • This white tastes great with burrata, sardines, pasta with aubergine sauces, grilled vegetables, provolone & pecorino cheese.
  • Each box is 2.25litres and contains the equivalent of 3x750ml bottles.
  • Equivalent to £8.66 a bottle.
  • Bag-in-box wine stays fresh for 6 weeks after opening, simply pop it in the fridge and enjoy a glass whenever.
  • Drinking wine from a box produces 10x less CO₂ compared to single-use glass bottles so is a sustainable option for all wine lovers.

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