39% of CO2 emissions from the wine industry globally are due to its use of single-use glass bottles and When in Rome is on a mission to reduce those emissions by selling high quality Italian craft wines only in eco-friendly packaging: bag-in-box (BiB), cans and paper bottles.

As of 2018, the UK wine market is worth around £10bn per year, with less than 10% of frequent wine buyers opting for alt format wine. Meanwhile, in France, 38% of wine by volume is sold in bag-in box and in Sweden the figure is over 50%. It comes as no surprise to us that in April 2020 the UK alt format wine market grew by 59% due to the effects of the pandemic.

Now we’re giving you the chance to join us on our journey to become the leading premium alt format wine brand globally by investing in When in Rome!

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What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is an accessible way to become a shareholder in brands and businesses you believe in. This means you can support them in their mission whilst having the chance to benefit financially from the growth of value if the business is successful.

Why is When in Rome crowdfunding?

We want to build on the momentum behind our brand and the alt format wine market by investing in new product development, new key people, upscaling our marketing and expanding our distribution.

Is When in Rome EIS compliant? (and what is EIS?!)

The EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) is a tax relief scheme created by the UK government to encourage investment into startups and early-stage businesses by UK-based investors.

As an investor, EIS benefits you by offering potentially significant income tax and capital gains reliefs when you make an investment into an EIS eligible startup or business. When in Rome has received EIS advance assurance. Whether you can claim EIS/SEIS relief depends on your personal circumstances and the ongoing availability of these tax reliefs.

What is Crowdcube?

Crowdcube is the world's largest equity crowdfunding platform. They enable the next generation of businesses, who love pushing at the edges and want to challenge the status quo with big ideas and new thinking, to raise finance. For investors, they provide the opportunity to back businesses that they can believe in, those that have a purpose beyond the next customer or sale.

Since Crowdcube was founded in 2011, they have helped more than 1,300 raises successfully fundraise. With more than 1,000,000 members, a total of £1bn has invested on the platform to date.

Businesses that have successfully raised funds with Crowdcube include BrewDog, Camden Town Brewery (acquired by AB INBev), carwow, JustPark, eCar Club (acquired by Europcar), Feedr (acquired by Compass Group), Freetrade, Grind, Innis & Gunn, Mindful Chef, Monzo, Parcel2Go, Pod Point (acquired by EDF), Revolut and Nutmeg.

Who can invest?

To invest in When in Rome Wine through Crowdcube, you must be over 18 years old and legally entitled to invest. You’ll also need to be a resident of the UK or a country where you may legally receive financial promotions of the nature provided. If you have any concerns regarding the legality of investing through the platform in your country of residence, you should seek independent legal advice before opening an account.

Please note that Crowdcube may not advertise investment opportunities to those living in the United States, Canada, Japan or any other country where it would be unlawful for their pitches to be advertised. Please don’t register with Crowdcube if you are a resident of these countries. For US residents, there are however specific circumstances under which you can invest.

Investor Restrictions:


The following specific regulations (set by regulators in the US) apply to investments by US residents. If you’re a resident in the US, you can invest in When in Rome through Crowdcube if you:

  • Have accredited investor status (within the definition set forth in Rule 501 (a) of Regulation D under the Securities Act).

  • Make a minimum investment of £20,000.

  • Have an attorney licensed to practice in your state of residence confirm in writing that your investment is compliant with local law.

How can I invest?

You can become a shareholder of When in Rome Wine by opening an account with Crowdcube and placing your investment through them. Your investment will be administered and held through your registered Crowdcube account.

When creating your Crowdcube account, please make sure you create it in your own name, as they cannot accept joint investments. You’ll also be asked to choose an investor type (such as everyday, professional, etc.) and complete a quick questionnaire. The information provided through the questionnaire is to ensure you understand the high-risk nature of investing in start-ups and early-stage businesses. If you receive independent advice, you’re not required to fill out the questionnaire. It’s important to note that these investor types won’t apply to all other platforms.

You can create your Crowdcube account here.

When can I invest?

You’ll be able to invest shortly. Please register for information on this page to be kept aware of the launch date. Please Note - Capital at risk.

How much is When in Rome Wine planning to raise?

When in Rome Wine aims to raise £500K during this round of fundraising.

How much can I invest?

You can invest any amount from just £10 to £100K. The purpose of crowdfunding is to make equity investment in entrepreneurial businesses accessible to everyone, regardless of their appetite for risk or the size of their wallet.

Will I be able to sell my shares?

At this stage, Crowdcube does not have an active secondary market for equity investments, so you won’t be able to sell your shares straight away. As we reach our business and growth objectives, the company may be bought by a larger company, it could IPO on the stock market, and/or the management may buy back equity from investors. At that point, you will have the option to sell your shares.

There are plenty of examples of Crowdcube investments that have delivered incredible returns for their investors. See more here.