When in Rome - Italian Craft Wine

Our Mission Is Simple

We bring you craft wines made by small, independent producers and sold in convenient, eco-friendly bag-in-boxes at a great price

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When in Rome Wine wants to help the rest of the world enjoy wine like the Italians do – in a more social, healthy, and environmentally sustainable way.

A simple rule of thumb for consumers who want to make environmentally friendly decisions is this: the lighter and more recyclable the packaging, the smaller the climate impact.

Accordingly – besides being cheaper and more convenient – When in Rome’s decision to sell wines only in bag-in-box (BiB) is designed to minimise the climate impact of our business.

In Scandinavia, the alcohol monopolies have spent years researching the environmental cost of shipping and selling wine from Southern Europe:

Our BiBs are not yet 100% recyclable, though that’s our aspiration and we’re doing all we can to get there.

The outer box can of course be folded flat and recycled together with other paper and card, whilst the inner bag can be recycled with plastic bags at all major supermarkets. However, the little tap currently can’t be recycled, so (sadly) it needs to be detached from the bag and thrown away.

We’re working in partnership with our packaging supplier to find a solution.

The Problem With Single Use Glass Bottles

  • It takes over 4kWh of electricity just to make one new bottle; that’s enough to power your TV for a month
  • The melting point of glass is over 1000°C – more than steel or aluminium – so manufacturing and recycling glass requires a gargantuan amount of energy
  • Huge amounts of single use wine bottles are still not being recycled, and glass discarded in the environment takes over a million years to decompose!
  • Drinking wine from a bag-in-box generates around 10x less carbon than drinking from a single use glass bottle, and that is before international transport is taken into account
10 times less CO2 than a bottle

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does bag-in-box (BiB) wine last?

It can last for up to six weeks. The reason a box wine stays fresher, for longer is relatively simple. Once a wine has been opened, oxygen can interact with it and this oxidisation process can have a negative impact on the flavour: this happens more slowly for bag-in-box wines.

How many bottles of wine are in a box?

When in Rome boxes contain 2.25l of wine, the equivalent to three bottles. But ironically, boxed wine solves that age-old problem of not being able to finish a bottle in one sitting. Having more wine in a box doesn't mean we have to drink more, in fact a bag in box wine actually allows you to drink less.

But are wine boxes any good?

Although some sommeliers may scoff at supping their wine from a plastic tap, bag in box is perfect for storing wines that don’t need to age. Whether you are planning a picnic, a gathering — with six or less other people — or you just want to shop once for the week, box wine is very good!