Big Statement, Small Impact

From the UK's leading alt format wine brand comes the world's first paper wine bottle.

Our paper bottle combines all the eco advantages of bag-in-box wine with the time honoured ceremony of a traditional bottle.

The climate impact of our paper bottle is around six times smaller than a single use glass bottle making it the eco-friendly alternative, and you can even write a message to your guests, hosts or loved ones on the bottle.


There’s nothing primitive about this robust red, filled with aromas of cherries and prunes and with notes of wild fruit. Known outside Italy as Zinfandel, Primitivo makes bold, rustic and deliciously fruity red wines, and this example from Cantina Sociale Cantolio is no exception.


Made mainly from Abruzzo's flagship Montepulciano grape, this Rosato is unusual by local standards - it's much lighter in colour than Cerasuolo ("pale cherry red" in Italian), yet retains the same zippy acidity as its slightly posher cousin.

Pecorino IGP Terre Di Chieti

If you've got a bit of a cheese fetish, you can't beat this wine that shares its name with the famous formaggio. The Pecorino grape has been growing in Abruzzo for millennia - and the lucky sheep ('pecora' in Italian) in the area used to nibble on the grapes, hence the name.